When I close my eyes, it will all be okay.
Proud ECHELON . ₪ ø ιιι •o. Letosexual


Call me Nekyia. Dreamer/Believer/Marsian soldier. 30 seconds to mars have made me stronger.

Major Criminal Minds junkie.

Richard Armitage for life.

SPN TWD TVD GoT Dexter Sherlock Anime/Manga HP LOTR THE HOBBIT
majorly Coffee addicted.

MUSIC is above everything.

AGATHA CHRISTIE has been my constant companion for years. CHRISTOPHER REEVE will forever be my inspiration.

HONESTY is the thing i admire the most on someone.

Echelon Vagabond(s)

Guys can you imagine the stalker being Elle? Or Gideon? Well, I doubt Gideon, but Elle left the bureau disappointed. Her team was not there for her and she almost died. Heard what Reid said? "he must have channeled years of anger to come up with a plan as intricate as this."

I mean 99% that this is a false theory, but imagine that scenario. Woah.

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